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    Who doesn't love emoji in their commit messages ;)

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    I fucking hate it. Emojis don't belong in commint messages. Everybody who uses them should be poked with a sharpened stick until they bleed to death through a thousand holes.
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    @AlexDeLarge I see.

    I find em to be a way to express how I feel about the commit x)

    One or two is fine Imo
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    I like to read them, but for projects i'm working on either throw in a self describing commit message from a grownup person and not childish (aka includes emoji or 'lol' 'cuz r8 nw')
    But they are nice for commit messages in memes
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    I usually start personal projects with a 🌄 (":sunrise:"). But never on work projects.
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    Fuck emojis in commit messages, put emojis in code, that's the real deal :D

    *Disclaimer: this is a joke, don't do it :)
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    @Bikonja Dude please put the disclaimer on top. Or you will definitely ruin some lives.
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    @hongjiang Why not just use


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    @Jop- the vertical space is actually smaller than the horizontal between the squares :O :D
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