Hey I can substitute another app now using termux and the devRant client for the terminal 🎉

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    Aaahhh man this is fucking awesome! I'm totally gonna try this because nothing says hackerman like a terminal full of rants on a phone 😎 here comes devrant 2.0, no longer on the app store - to register you must first prove yourself by building and compiling the app from source 🤘
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    @kurtr this IS awesome man, thx for building this application :D
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    Not much of a CLI client user myself, but I'm amazed by what people build for devRant.

    (... also, I like the pixelated avatars.)
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    I want.
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    @wholl0p any idea how I sort out these permissions? Is your phone rooted?
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    @kurtr hm nah isn't rooted (yet) .. I did:
    pkg install nodejs
    pkg install git

    Then the instructions on your github page:

    git clone https://github.com/kurtr/devRantCLI
    cd devRantCLI
    npm install
    npm start

    ... Then it just worked ...
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    @kurtr but your Errlog says that it's a problem with npm itself... Maybe reinstall npm with nodejs
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    I never understood why this is better? Do you guys hate GUIs? Writing in a terminal on a phone seems like a pain 🤔
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    @Froot you're completely right, that's just a mix of trying out new stuff, boredom and curiosity :D I absolutely do like GUI, at least on my phone!
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    @wholl0p aah i took it's dumb advice and installed nodejs-current 🤦‍♂️
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    @Haxk20 @Froot really the absolute power lies in the ability to pipe commands. Programs can be used with each other to compose bigger solutions. This is just not possible with GUI.

    Although that doesn't apply to the current example.
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    @Hedgepig That's a good point. Piping is awesome
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    @Froot but I do have an idea to build a sort of visual terminal, where programs are represented as blocks that can be run, and you can connect multiple blocks to each other top pipe/stream them. Using something like msgpack to transfer data.
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    @Hedgepig Hmmm that's a really interesting idea. Would make for a good educational tool for example
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    @Froot yeah, building terminal commands is great, but they're pretty difficult to read at a glance when there are several pipes, and sometimes it's too verbose. Would be nice if it was more accessible.
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