Skipping all the "Women in IT" sessions my company tries to enforce, along with ditching such questions like "What attrocities did I experience related to my gender, during my first month of working here?"

Well, fuck, we are few, all right. But can I just be a dev instead of a girl dev, please?

I discussed this whole feminism trend with many of the women colleagues, but not one of them could mention a case where they were distinguished by their gender. Ever.

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    * Cue a barrage of retarded comments from alt-whatever neckbeards*
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    I hate this sorta stuff!
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    @Lasagna like jimmy in South Park.

    "Actually pa-pa--- PC principal, I prefer the term handicapped.

    Are you uncomfortable around handicapped people PC principal?"

    "No bro!! Back me up bro!!"

    Best tv plot development of the last decade.
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    There are very few women in tech overall. That's the main problem.

    The women who still make it all the way into tech probably faces a lot of issues with not being taken seriously and so on, but those are small problems in comparison with the horrendous fucking sausage party going on in the IT industry.

    Sometimes I'll go entire work days without seeing someone of the opposite sex. It's like I'm a monk working in a monastery in the 12th century.

    That got to change. Fast.
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    Careful, you might get Zucc'd right outta that job x"D
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    Most devs I know are not sexist but the companies they work for are. And constantly make special classes to handle women. The company might believe you cant actually code. Or work with men or may want dirt on higher paid techs. And most likely only hired you to be "progressive / meet sex qoute" I have worked with some very good women and men programmers. But most companies will judge you based on your sex because sex percentage and historical productivity of women and men in their organization. You might be very good in fact I'm sure you are (because your asking) but most companies don't care / want to know if you can actually do your job.

    Tldr : companies take longer to change values than individual people.
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