Why the heck does everyone thnk it's a good idea to run docker Containers inside a vm?
Or Containers in general...
This is unneeded redundancy and it kills the performance aspect, which makes containers favorable in comparison to vms...

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    In certain cases it's the only way to setup a local dev stack. DCOS comes to mind.

    And yes, they are working around some docker issues. Docker within docker still has some time to go.
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    Chroot, freebsd jails and Solaris zones are in town since more than 15 years...

    And if i plan to use it in prod and i really want to leaverage all of its benefits, you can't avoid containers on bare metal
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    Imagine it would be an easy way to test and build your containers and be sure nothing funny comes up, before actually deploying em..

    Performance traded for convenience.. :p
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