Alright, here we go again with issues on Vector. (My home server that we're transitioning our website, infiniit.co to.)

I'm trying to get the email server up and running. It's a PITA which is evident by the fact we are now on attempt number 6, at least on the 6th VM now. At this time I'm installing a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ISO and I'll be installing IRedMail unless someone else has any recommendations. So far I've had nothing but problems doing it manually, installing dovecot and postfix, trying to get them linked, and then the last failure was sending a test email locally.

Also, a continuation of the last issue that I had here, now my VMRC isn't working anymore for some reason. Ive forwarded websockets but it won't work unless I use local IP since everything (except direct local IP connections) is running through an apache VHost setup... My head hurts. Help pls.

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