Hey there 👋

I am more or less throwing any burden (WhatsApp, Facebook, Google etc.) out of my life. Of course I will continue using the Google account for YouTube and some games that need it.

That's what it looks like right now:

Raspberry Pi 3B+
✅ webserver
- forum - complete (atm just for me)
- blog - no ideas and just installed october cms and nothing done yet
- nextcloud - complete and filled with my porn... eeh... data

✅ mailserver
(missing spamassassin, clam or sth. like this but it's working 😂)

✅ matrix-synapse
(as an additional alternative to messengers)


Raspberry Pi 2
✅ catches dust
(any ideas?)

Of course, many more configurations and the like are necessary before everything is ready... but what then or what else is there?

At the moment I still use WhatsApp. Just wanna take time before sending everyone a message about changing the messenger and that it should be important for thinking about the own privacy, which alternatives there are bla...

Edit: For passwords I'm using Myki - didn't hear anything bad about it yet and it's very easy to use (Firefox add-on, Android app).
I love my passwords with 200 characters 😂
Maybe someone's knowing more about them?

Hope I didn't forget a thing... thanks in advance aaaaaaand... I'm gone. ☺

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    😂 Eeeerrr... nope... nope... no time for anything. Such busy, much important, very wow.

    NEXT!! 😫
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    Good for you 😁 What about phone?
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    Well - have the OP2, 3 and 5.
    OP2 - catching dust.
    OP3 - for games.

    OP5 - daily use, music (therefore no games here, don't like streaming), installed LiquidRemix today - I LOVE IT! TWRP isn't supporting encryption yet but that's not that bad...
    I'll try removing any unnecessary app and maybe there won't be Google crap installed.

    @ all
    editededed a bit
    it's not only privacy but a "security" question, too.
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    Cool, keep us updated on your detox 😜

    Love the oneplus collection. OP5t daily driver and OP2 for fun myself
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    You could run PiHole and other blockers on your Raspberry Pi
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    Ofc 😂 Nice! :3
    A co-worker thought about buying the OP6. 🤔

    Well I'm blocking any unwanted shit with add-ons (uBlock, NoScript, uMatrix).
    Thanks for that 🙈

    And I'm using Mullvad VPN.
    Searched for an more or less OKAY provider - https://thatoneprivacysite.net/
    There are some nice excel sheets with much wow super Information 😂
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    Remember that they are just raspberry pi not intel xeon servers.

    Nextcloud takes a lot of cpu while syncing your files.
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    Hm... didn't have any problems yet - except nextcloud's clients... the Android client isn't really syncing, windows client is dying sometimes (not using Windows anymore) and on Linux more or less the same.
    And the Android alternative "folder sync" is just crap...
    Most of the data is just a plain copy directly onto the 4TB hdd. So now it shouldn't be a problem anymore... but didn't test syncing with desktop clients in the last time.

    Atm 1TB is used, maybe the last 2.6TB will be for movies, anime, games or whatever my crazy mind is up to. So... the syncing part will be just my vids and pics I quess... haha 😂
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    Remember to turn of the privacy violating setting on your OP5: https://chrisdcmoore.co.uk/post/...

    Or just ditch the entire phone. Since that information was published, I consider OnePlus just as criminal as any other data hungry companies.
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    If you'd like any advice, hit me up :)
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    Thanks! :3
    I'm using LiquidRemix - just found OneplusDoze and OneplusPocketMode but nothing else. I think they removed this motherfucker from their ROM ☺
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    The relevant question(s) is/are there.
    "Show me your S4." (S4 League)
    or like Cpt. Falcon "Come on!"... "Show me your moves"

    If there's anything relevant you can tell me... shut up... eehh.. I mean talk 😂
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    @Irithyll I don't get it 😅
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    Well... if there are any advices (hopefully related to my questions) you have - tell me 😂

    Therefore "show me your moves"...

    - no Facebook, no WhatsApp, just a bit Google (exceptions mentioned in the beginning) - and now?
    - what to do with Rpi2 (and maybe 3, too)
    - is Myki evil? 😈
    new due to some comments
    - privacy / security on devices (here: OnePlus) and at all
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    Put up public SSH and allow for account creation. Then try and make sure your whole infrastructure don't get buttfucked 😁
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    SSH port is open 😂 But... NO!
    🤔 Some restrictions are necessary anyway
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    @Irithyll Do you have fail2ban set up?
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    Nah. But thanks! I forgot about that...

    I'm using SSH only at home but didn't configure it yet.
    Just killed the service some secs ago.
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    @Irithyll Check the /var/auth.log file ^^
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    I will. Later... 🕰
    Can't check now... I'm at work and - ofc - the service is dead 😝 Installed Termux for that recently 😂
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    Well well... many attempts... haha 😂

    Now I'm installing, configuring fail2ban...
    And a key-based authentication. 🤔
    And 2FA, too... yeay.

    Afterwards I'll check the last steps for the synapse server... hm hm ☺
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    @Irithyll What do you use for 2FA?
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    As password manager AND for 2FA I'm using Myki (Google Authenticator until I switched everything to Myki).

    Now a password, ssh key and 2FA is required. 😂
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