Full stack and front end devs: how much CSS are you expected to know? I love front end development, but I hate fighting with CSS.

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    I've got a front end position. I'd say knowing CSS is very important. How it works and how to implement it. You can't rely on frameworks. They are fine to use but you should know how it works.
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    How much? Mm, pretty much all of it. It's all important. Layout stuff is essential, things like font tweaking and shadows are less used but still contribute to overall polish.
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    I think for a front end developer it's not incredibly important, though it is helpful. Granted, I think a lot of people put designers in to the "front end developer" category. Just a difference of semantics. I think that the more CSS you learn the better off you'll be but it's not like you'll be totally lost if you don't know all the ins and outs. There's also a difference in doing template development and design. You must know/master CSS for either of those.
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