Buy a domain. Watch 100s of spam email, sms and dodgy phone calls come in.

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    Whois protection ftw
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    @ctmalloy i added protection but it didnt enable it straight away. Had to login to ventra and press the button. Damage already done now..
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    @Treveloper feel for you haha
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    I always buy whois protection at the same time as the actual domain unless it's a .se domain. .se domains protect your identity by default.
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    Thank me later
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    I always get Viagra Spam Mails xD
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    I can feel you pain brother. Had to deal with that shit a month back. Received more calls/messages/emails than I do in a month
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    Yeah, when i buy https://akep.us i forget to turn on WhoisGuard...
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    Tfw I just bought a domain and whois protection isn't available

    F u c k
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    I learnt that the hard way as well. What was funny is that my website is a software engineer portfolio....

    *dude calling with thick indian accent* we noticed you have a business and would like to build app for your business..
    Me: did you even see what kind of business I "run"
    Them: yes and we make app for business.
    Me: see here is the thing, my "business" is about offering the services of a web and mobile developer with years of experience, why would I even need you?
    Them: yes we can offer developer professional to build your...
    **hangs up**
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