Why iOS making it more complicated by releasing different syntax for every swift version.?

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    Ah, that'll be the Apple Premium.
    With other OS' you have to use the same old code, but with Apple you can feel better about yourself with the illusion you're learning a new language!
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    It's bad because one has to keep up. But on the other hand the language doesn't become stale (like Java)
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    @Kushtrim Java becoming stale? Did you miss Java 8? Streams and lambda expressions fundamentally changed Java's programming model.
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    @3141 Hahahaha. Kinda forgot about that. Have been stuck in Java7 land for some time (Android). Yeah, I guess you can make changes preserving existing syntax.

    But if you don't limit yourself to a lot of backwards compatibility, you can make bigger modifications.
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    Swift is young and evolving language. Give it some time.
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