I can't understand the people who are in love with Qt. Did you ever actually use it?

It has shitty UI components (compare them with Microsoft WPF or even WinForms), and it is fucking full of bugs. Really. I've never seen that many bugs in other frameworks.

I'm a Linux guy, but try .net if you want to see what a great framework is actually like.

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    It has a stupid name too.
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    Who the hell is use that thing? I never see a company use that in my country.
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    Since i switched to. Net and vs I'd never go back
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    I had to use PyQt recently to create a table view. I was on the verge of nervous breakdown when dealing with the QTableModel, QTableView and the delegate. The MVC (or MV in Qt's case) is a sadist's wet dream.
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    @Artemix true that.
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