What kind of developer are you and what is your opinion on other development areas?

Me: Junior dev, oriented towards full stack and Android(with a sysadmin background):

-Low-level(kernel development, embedded, drivers, operating systems, reverse engineers)- Badass, I wish I could do that.

-Mobile apps- awesome but too high level sometimes.

-Full stack/Backend- awesome.

-Web Frontend- fuck HTML+CSS. JS is cool I guess.

-Enterprise applications(e.g SAP) Pajeet, my son.

-Malware development- Holy shit that is awesome.

-Video Game development- was my dream since childhood.

-Desktop apps- No opinion.

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    Me: developer. I don't really have a section where I fit in. I'm starting to love DataScience so perhaps that might be the field I'll develop my skills better (still 18 years old, quite some time to think about it)

    Low level developer: really interesting, way out of what I could understand but has my respect

    Mobile apps: not my field, too much UI and graphics related stuff

    Fullstack: really nice but again, not my field

    Backend: interesting to say the least. I kind of hate anything that is web-related and avoid it if I can but back end can do

    Web Frontend: oh no, please no. Move away that CSS please.

    Enterprise: indifferent

    Malware: what? Really? Oh, ok

    Video Game: nice in theory, tried it once. Never going back to it. Not my place

    Desktop: I quite like it, if someone else does the graphics. I just suck at those so bad
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    Alright here we gooooo woooo :P.

    Low level: not for me nahh.

    Mobile Apps: would like to go more into it but wouldn't do iOS for ethical reasons personally.

    Fullstack: fuck frontend. I love backend though!

    Backend: Yes please! From REST to MVC to socket shit to db stuff to authentication to security to server management, love it all!

    Web Frontend: No. Just no. Oh and also, FUCK CSS SIDEWAYS.

    Enterprise: no clue what that is and too lazy to search right now.

    Malware: Tried some stuff once out of interest and although interesting, I'd rather not develop software for Windows. (yes malware is multi platform but why do it on Linux when you can elevate yourself to kernel level on windows easily :P)

    Video Game: I enjoy gaming, feel guilty after doing it for a while but development: nope.

    Desktop: I wish I could write linux desktop apps for real but not high on my target list.
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    Me: OS-development, writing drivers, low level stuff, just keep me away from the user.

    Mobile/Desktop apps: looked into it (Android, Qt). I just can't create good UIs, thanks to the ppl who do this (except if you use JS, then go and make a website).

    Web: Nothing I like, I'm glad other ppl do this. Again I can't create UIs.

    Machine lerning, AI: Super interesting but I lack the time to dive deep enough into it.

    Security: I always keep security in mind, poke around in others applications, try to keep my own stuff secure. I'm not as advanced as I want to be (yet).
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    Me: Php magento developer with mobile(read android) background.
    Kind of don't like Php but the company i'm in is great.

    Android is what i want to do but with my current family situation i can't work to far from home.

    Willing to learn anything that comes in my way :)
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