"Ughh, you're such a lazy person. Why don't you finish it instead of making me do everything afger I asked YOU to do it"

I am so fucking done playing family technicman for you. I copied all of your data from your old phone to yojr new one. I set up everything except personal accounts because I respect privacy. You only need to insert your damm sim card.

And don't you even try giving me that "I tried but could not do it, it's just to complicated"

I could buy the same phone, throw it at you and pay the lawyer if I would get one cent for each time you said that.

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    @PaddiM8 I usually enjoy it too, if the other person is cooperating. I've said this before, I'm a tolerant person unless you only respond with ignorance. Then I'm going to do the same. I mean if you can treat me like dirt you probably don't need me anyway
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