hey guys i need advise.
I currently got a job that i love with a lot of freedom. but the payment is not good and i am concerned that the company won't be there in the next 5 to 10 years.

I am a 25 years old, self taught programmer and my current employer is the only one I ever worked for. Recently I browsed xing and found a company which searches an employee with exactly my skillset (they need someone for a specific ERP system in which I am damn good at). The company is half an our away - my current job 20 minutes away. Also I think because the person they are looking for is rare because you need technical knowledge of windows and doors and you need to know how to administrate this erp system plus knowing some programming stuff.
There is also a very big company 10 minutes (walking) from home where I could apply. I think at this company i would start lower but could maybe study and working for them with higher expectations in long term (just google Hettich in germany here in the village this is big)

The problem I currently have is the following. If the company I work for is closing in lets say ten years, then I am 35 without a degree. I have a girlfriend - want to marry her and getting a child.

I have holiday now and i will apply for both companies. I feel very uncomfortable doing this because the company I work for is the company of my granddad. I don't have the balls to tell him that even if i get a raise that does not solve the 35 years issue.

Well, first of all I will just apply. Lets see how much value I have.

But I thought that asking you all may give me some other input to take into account. What are your thoughts on this?

PS: just a formal "sorry for my english" and thanks for reading

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    Too much writing. Can you sum this up in like 1 paragraph?
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    @mantekillah got a job i am not educated for. company not doing so well. stagnating - i give it 10 years (hopefully) if company goes down i sit there with no degree for what i am doing. payment not enough to study after work. should i take the same job at a better running company or start from ground up at a big company? Big company -> think could be good in long term
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    I say that you have all the reasons to leave the current company. It might be tough to tell your granddad that, but he will understand. He will have to.
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    Why do you care so much about the company not being around in 10 years? That's TEN years dude. In dev years you're experienced as fuck in a matter of just 3-5 years. Ride it out a bit, gain the experience, slowly search for your next gig (i.e., look for reqs and study those reqs), then beef up your resume with those req keywords, get the interview, marry the woman, plop the kids and move on. You're in a better situation than MOST newbies in the biz.
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    @mantekillah i think the problem is a) the the company will close in the second my granddad dies and he is 74. he is not in the best condition so 10 years is well... more a hope than reality
    b) the degree thing
    c) the payment (granddad claims that company is not being so well like it is supposed to) and therefore it is useless to ask for a raise.
    oh and totally forgot d) the average age is above 55 and no fresh blood in sight because of c)
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    @nebula hmm...yeah, even with your paragraph I lightly grazed over it (lazy Friday I guess). OK, IN THAT CASE, I do recommend starting to churn up the resume/search/recruit machine.
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