What coding at work is supposed to look like:
class myclass {
void myfunc;
void.... And so on so forth.

What coding at work actually looks like:
class myclass {
pub--"Hey can get line one? <name> is asking for you."

(20 minutes later)

void myfunc;
vo--"Hey <same name> wants to talk to you again."

Programming doesn't give me gray hair, distractions do.

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    Get headphones.

    Look deeply concentrated.

    Don't react on hearing your name right away. Once you do, tell them by default: "I'm in the middle of something, can I come back to you later?"

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    Nice! That could help. I think I've got the deep concentration look down, I'll have to improve on the other points :)
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    You can just look up while your fingers are wiggling on the keys and act slightly interested with raised eyebrows and be like "ok, ok, ok"...the trick is to barely remove your eyes off the screen toward the person talking to you...barely.
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