tabs vs spaces
i hate it when i cant find where i used spaces instead of tabs. just a simple mistake and it doesnt work

me: *codes makefile in codenvy*
terminal: *** missing separator. Stop.

me: *rewrites code exactly the same way in Notepad++*
me: *copy paste code to codenvy*
terminal: *compiles whole project*

wow. just wow.

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    Notepad++ has a setting to make white space characters visible. So you can see tabs, spaces, LF and CR characters
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    @Lahsen2016 BUT IDK WHERE :( i changed them to tabs but no luck
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    @illusion466 I've solved more than one line-ending-related bug thanks to that notepad++ feature
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    Not 100% sure but on this topic, does sublime still have the tabs to spaces conversion feature?
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    @Torean sublime text 3 does, i think
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    @nickj toolbar icon that looks like paragraph symbol should do the trick.
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    Ctrl + F and search for four spaces in a row.
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