Bought this a while ago thinking i would read, never ended up doing it. Now i am actually trying to learn it, and this shit is out of date

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    The world of Javascript evolves faster than a fully mutated pathogen in the game Pandemic.

    I seriously can't keep up with all this. Why such a retarded language for silly webpages became such a huge monster?
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    @clovisIrex Because it's good? Silly webpages? Pls
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    Web development doesn't feel the same as native development.

    It feels much more natural to me to develop a simple CLI application that intercats with the file system than installing 5000994322 MB bloat of js modules into an Eye-candy web app.
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    @clovisIrex Cool, your opinion 😄
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    @Greggergalactic I'll check it out
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    Books for IT are obsolete already when they hit the shelf
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    So, uh. What do you even use Node for? I can't find a clear answer.
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    @Greggergalactic Okay thank you
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