So I just installed Windows 10 and decided to download GeForce Experience and got this through Microsoft Edge.
I tried Opera, same result. My friend told me to zoom out with Opera and then suddenly it worked. WHY?!?!? Since when is a newly installed Windows with bad resolution a mobile device or something? Can you please explain?

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    800x600 resolution will typically be seen as a tablet or potentially a large phone in landscape.

    So yes, you are not using a device from the websites point of view that could be identified as a desktop / laptop.

    Zoom out, install drivers, and carry on!

    What they should be doing though is also using your browsers user agent to counter the mobile like experience, seeing as most people would normally only visit that site when you need drivers!!!
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    I see this as someone did not do his job well. Why should I zoom out? The error message is very misleading.
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    Desktop with Windows 10, low resolution and new UWP apps is literally a mobile phone without the mobile or phone part - useless shit. But you can still update and restart all day long.
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    @C0D4 as a 4K phone owner, I too often get desktop versions of websites
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    @inukinator that ofcourse is not true because of viewport, but still bad way to do stuff
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    Viewport and pixel ratio is a fun hurdle the first time you see it. I have seen some of my own sites render incorrectly on 4K.

    Most people tend to skip the min-device-pixel-ratio, and not all browsers support it anyway 😓
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    @C0D4 my device downscale so bad it hurts, viewport is 480p 😱
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    @jAsE there is no reason to soft ristrict user capabilities depending on the networking, wifi, mobile and roaming!

    God I am furious over my phone manufacturer making soft limitations on updating the OS over roaming!! Especially with the new EU law!
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    @jAsE there's some roaming law, saying something about carriers not charging extra for roaming.

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    So I got 10GB roaming in the EU, Nordics and Baltics, it is sweet, until I encounter the ridiculous soft limitations!
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    I wasn’t meaning it is AI or anything, but at a basic level, the browser pulls the appropriate content based on the screen size.

    The “perspective” is purely what some dev(s) / library has decided in advance what your device / screen size is capable of seeing and working with.

    Obviously for the OP, a mobile isn’t a standard device to be hunting drivers down on. But that shouldn’t force the site to restrict access, a better way to handle that would be “for a better experience use a desktop with working drivers, but click here anyway to continue”
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