Me (5 days ago): A major, life-threatening hurricane is coming. I need to prepare. I know you have a need to launch so I will do my best to finish your project.

Client: Ok, stay safe.

Client (today): I know you're not done. You're late actually. To provoke you into further action, we went ahead and announced the launch and people will begin using the website now.

Me (at the store buying food for the next two week): What in the actual ... Here is your code. Finish it yourself. May God have mercy on your cold, dark soul.

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    I know it's tough. But if you're late, it's not the client's fault.

    His provocation is nasty, of course, but that's the way some clients are. I've been doing this job for years and I don't care about that stuff anymore.

    I'll stick to the contract. That's all I care about.
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    @tracktraps the lateness was not due to neglect on my part. It was due to lack of engagement on the project by the client. Until now, of course. Also, force majeur in contracts aren't just hypothetical. Acts of nature/God are always something to consider. Glad I included that.
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    @stackodev I understand what you mean. But most clients are concerned about the project and, well, about money.

    Even if the world is about to end, the main thing for the clients is that the project is finished.

    That's my experience, anyway.
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    I completely understand that clients want to adhere to scheduled launch dates but surely they should show compassion to the people that they have hired. Nobody should have to put their life in danger just to comply with a contract.

    I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure the contract wouldn't be held up in court by any respectable judge
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    Good luck with the hurricane.
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    The client's response to my retort to their initial asshattery was predictably self-centered and unaccommodating. I ended up "finishing" it via a stroke of good luck with the data, but nowhere near the quality I wanted to deploy. And I know for damn sure they'll be nitpicking everything trying to find a reason to keep me working while I'm huddled in a closet with a flashlight.
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    @stackodev Fucking company. I wish you the best of luck getting it right.
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