Angular or React or Vue ?

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    Are You asking what to use for something or what people here prefer to use for their stuff?
    Last time I checked this isnt a philosophy class/site with their open question stuff.
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    @legionfrontier Lad thanks for you view. Open topic. Whatever ppl think about. I am actually looking forward to start with Vue.
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    Seriously just add one to the project and use it.

    It’s not like we are comparing a Lamborghini to a Ferrari
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    @theScientist I am not a Scientist 😋
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    No frontend.

    Just make a nice API, json was made to be human readable for a reason.
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    This one is a no-brainer, React!
    Angular puts logic into the markup, bad.
    React puts markup into the logic, good.
    Vue tries to blend react and angular, wtf.
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    @Froot Angular puts logic into the markup? I suppose you can if you want to..
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    @Froot Vue is a slightly more readable and terse version of React in my opinion.

    I personally prefer websites with a blazing fast backend and a super light frontend though, so usually I go with a tiny amount of native, bare JS and CSS/SVG animations to fluff it up a bit.

    Websites should be functional, beautiful AND minimal — and I feel all the big JS frameworks are trying to appropriate the backend task of transforming/filtering data, leading to sluggish sites and even security issues.

    I once built a website using Yesod (Haskell backend) which minified and inlined css & svg into a single HTML response. Every page, including DB/cache queries and backend processing was so fucking fast that using Ajax just felt stupid. I ended up building the whole website with zero script tags, from admin panels with animated time series graphs in svg to subtle css animations on buttons. Why fade in a modal when you can refresh the complete page or visit another route in 4ms?

    That's a bit extreme, but it felt so smooth and pretty.

    The industry went the other way, with bloated frameworks which load their shit in stages, and so much fucking content spraying through xhr requests on every page that it feels like you're on your knees at the end of a gangbang.
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    @Ashkin Well yea, isn't that what directives do?
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