My second year of high-school, we started having class in computer science. I was really looking forward to it cause I always wanted to learn programming.

On first sight it appeared that the professor which taught the class knew something, he looked like a genuine geek with those dorky glasses, briefcase and pants like Steve Urkel, but after couple of his lessons you could see he had no real dev experience and just basic understanding of programming in theory. He was more reading stuff from the book than he was trying to explain them to students and give some real world examples.

So it was just one these days, everybody got back from vacation, it's hot outside, the guy is just reading sentences from his book, half of students talk with each other and other half doesn't give a fuck about him or his class. Pretty sure I was the only one trying to listen to him and learn something from his recitals.

All of a sudden he notices the atmosphere in the classroom, slams the book shut, gives out couple of F-s to the loudest students and yells out loud "NONE OF YOU IN THIS ROOM WILL EVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE, BARE ALONE IN PROGRAMMING"

At first I felt like shit, but soon after that I started thinking "who the hell are you to tell me what I could or will accomplish in my life". Couple weeks later I've bought myself a first book in programming and started learning C++ late at night since I understood that I won't learn anything about programming in that school. Two years later I was correcting this same professor with his claims on a whiteboard in front of a whole class.

Today, seven years after his words I'm a developer living in foreign country with what I could say somewhat a solid experience and understanding of how both software and web are build, while that same professor still recites to his pupils difference between assembly and object code, while praying nobody asks him where and how these are used. For maybe a quarter of my paycheck. So much about his psychic powers..

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    He's not fit to teach, but sadly that's how many teachers are. Good for you for proving him wrong... πŸŽ‰
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    My current teacher (also highschool) is like that. He knows barely nothing about programming, aside from the absolute basics of VB. Outside of visual studio though he's helpless, and he has no clue what's happening behind the scene and yet he acts like he knows everything. Don't get me wrong though, I'll be the first to say that I don't know everything but this teacher will mark you down if you code anything differently to what he has. It's so frustrating
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    Sounds like a great teacher, he literally provided you with years of inspiration!
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    A lot of us has been there, just don't let it get to you too much.

    If you have genuine interest in programming (since you're devranter I'd say you do), be curious, learn and explore things on your own, don't wait for someone else to teach them to you.

    One might say that education you get from teachers/professors is comparable with get started tutorials in different languages, frameworks and libraries. They will present you the basic elements (some of them will do it better than others and go down in core), but in the end it's you who needs to get familiar with everything, and create something useful from it in your own way. Trust me, the sooner you get this, the better for you :)
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