People rant here about how they hate documenting things or writing tests or whatever.

Yes these things are not the most interesting but I have a feeling that we are forgetting about most horrendous of tasks - estimating. Especially in agencies. Especially related to altering legacy features. Especially big projects.

I mean, I'm spending time doing something that is basically dev's Voo Doo, hoping that I will be right... and usually I'm not.

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    I often rant about the lack of documentation...
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    In the office I'm driving the documentation drive but actual documenting drives me mad... That being said with XML docs and something like Sandcastle Help File Builder it's easy, simple and quick to do...
    ''' For VB in Visual Studio
    /// For C# in VS generate the summary, remarks, return and parameter lines (for sub routines)
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    I don't dislike doing that, just not when I'm coding.
    Coding, commenting and testing are 3 separate tasks for me.
    So when the project is done is when I do all that (school projects, I can get away with it for now)
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    @zombie01 if you can do that then kudos. I find it hard to remember wtf I wrote just last week. Documenting that ain't pretty
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    Estimation at an agency job is definitely the worst, especially if you're not familiar with the system
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    I hate writing unit tests. But I also hate if I'm given a code to work on without unit tests.
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