After finishing up 70% of a feature,
Brain: "there's a better way to do it"
Me: "ok ill just change a bit of code here and there.."
-- 2 hours later --
swimming in spaghetti code..

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    My site is like 90% working
    Brain: "Yeah but that 10% eyecandy is what will bring users to keep using your stuff"
    Ok fine will try to properly make it work
    -later on-
    The site is fully crippled and I honestly dont even know where to even start to look by now.
    Literally what happen some time ago. so can relate mate
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    That's why I stopped changing code until I'm finished with it ^^
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    @Krokoklemme yeah but what about when you think you finished and suddenly PM decides to increase the scope for the feature
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    @bioDan not being a professional helps with that
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    @bioDan tell him he needs to create a new story in which the existing feature is extended with the new features.
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    @Krokoklemme , easy for you to say.
    Its kinda hard being a professional when deadlines are right around the corner.

    My priorities this time were on being efficient and on time. I will refactor the code later. Excuse me if this doesn't seem like a professional thing to do.
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    @bioDan if you're making money off of it, you're a professional, no matter how or what you do. I get your point though
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