Playing 'Skip-Bo' with my daughter.
She: "Why isn't there a zero in this game? You know...0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...."

MY daughter ❤️.

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    A wannabe dev, you must be a proud dad :)
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    Take a full break, you deserve it. You have raised her well.
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    @gotoxy no! He must continue the cycle!

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    She in one year : "Why don't you say 'for i in range(6)'?"
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    @oscarascal also her, one year later: "Oooh, so you unrolled the loop for extra performance! Brilliant!"
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    The early they learn the better. Array start at 0.
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    @endor Haha, "Dad, in which case is it preferable to spare memory ressources or CPU ressources?"
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    I prefer to set my IO per project.
    You know, sometimes you want a different index origin.
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    You raised her right! My daughter is 4 months old. We've been reading the 'HTML for Babies' series to her. She loves it.
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