More senior team member: If you would like to get in on call rotation. Do this

Me: Why the heck would I *want to* be on call?

Going on on call in two days lol

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    It sounds like the senior dev needs to be able to take a day off and you were chosen to take on a little bit of extra work and learn a few new things so he can without worrying that you'll burn the place down while he's gone.

    And there is nothing wrong with that.
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    It's the wording that's weird
    I know we are *supposed* to go on call but why would we *want* to
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    @iceb For some people, that's how they ask you to do something. They aren't even thinking about the meaning of the phrase.
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    If you're junior and looking to work your way up, then dealing with issues on call is probably a requirement at some point.

    Otherwise yeah - it's just a pain in the arse.
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    We have a deal, if you're called up outside office hours you get half a day off.
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    For us being on call was just a way to rotate the schedule so that the lead dev wasn't the only one who managers called.

    We viewed it as the normal situation: if it's a crisis they can call anyone on the team, we don't have to pick up, be at a computer or be sober. The person on call is just the first one to try.

    Many calls are not about fixing any issue, just about concluding the problem is another team responsibility or can't be hot fixd and will have to wait til tomorrow,
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