Few text editors' learning curves. Emacs won the competition ;)

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    emacs can get more difficult than vim?
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    @taylan VIM is pretty straightforward. I've heard that Vim is only a text editor, while emacs is something between IDE and operating system. ;)
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    where is sublime
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    @Gormack right center, but with negative z-index
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    @taylan since it is possible to rewrite the whole emacs in a running session without need to restart I would say that emacs can be a bit harder.

    So the graph is pretty accurate how your mind kan feel using emacs.
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    This is a bit old tho.
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    if(vim === "straight forward") {
    im = absolute(idiot);
    } else {
    you-sir = crazy;
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    I knew Emacs did a lot of funny things, but warping time?
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