Yo been a longtime.

So I basically quit my last job to have successfully reached the top company in my country only to find they are such a mess.

No code quality whatsoever, testing? Yiu crazy? And all the old people who think they are senior whilst they do not know jack..

I do distribured web applications, but shit I hate titles and I think of myself as a software guy, I can do software that opens the fridge when I close the toilet lid ffs!

So, I am looking to deviate my career from web to something more deep such as distributed systems and services where I can use all of my skills and expand my knowledge more, and be able to code in js, c++ golang and more, handle and tackle infrastructure issues, virtualization etc...

So I want to ask you guys what would be an interesting project I can work on to concretize my skill and be able to convince my next recruiter that I walk the talk.

Thank you everyone

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    just do anything what you like or think is interesting. There will be companies interested in whatever you do.
    If you want to know where the highest demand for people is, I would say it's frontend guys.
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    I already do frontend and I am good at it, it's just that I want to be able to use and build a varieties of skills for the time being. In order for me to take a leap towards companies where I can continue to thrive.
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    @jshrt and do you doing it and want to do it in the future?

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    If I understood you right, you were asking me whether I want to continue with frontend, well, yes, in a fullstack context, where I'd mess with the backend services and still interfere with the frontend companies.

    I just want to break free a bit.

    The right context would be some sort of startup who has a main service, a core library on which the whole team works, and still work on the frontend as well...

    Any advice?
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    @jshrt as far as I kmow startups mostly are looking for the newest technology stacks.
    Since I'm a pure frontend guy I can give you only advise for this topic. Do some react/vue/newest-framework stuff, use TypeScript for more joy in codindg. If you want to do quality, you might want to do some CI stuff with travis and write lots of tests.
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    @plusgut yup, I do react, I did vue, I love docker and have did lots of CI with travis, jenkins and all that, played a lot with flow.

    Frontend is interesting.

    Thank you the advice though
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    @jshrt if you do all the stuff, you should have no problem to switch to a company you actually like.
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