Have to do 80 hours of work in 40
*quits job, start at a new place*
Now I mostly wait for test and code reviews and are fucking bored...

Guess I have to start 100% freelancing soon 🙃

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    why not learn a new language in the spare time?

    I would be happy to have this problem :)

    You go with the time or you GO with the time ;)
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    @TheNewGuy Oh absolutely, passing time I can do(though it’s hard), but I find it stressfull getting paid for not working 😣 But I’m currently working on a graphical JS-implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm and a bigger personal project if I have to wait a long time 🙂
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    another idea is to take a book like "Clean Code" or "Design Patterns" and read while you wait

    -> you evidently improve your human capital (= your employer gets more knowledge for the same price)
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