ChatGPT is so much better than Google:
instead of wasting my time by linking to unhelpful / outdated / unrelated StackOverflow resources, it tells me to do the work by myself right away:

> To ensure consistent pseudo-element width across different browsers, including Safari, you can follow these steps: [...]
> (some basic HTML/CSS 101 seemingly quoted from a 2015 textbook)
> It's important to note that browser behavior might vary due to different rendering engines or versions. While following best practices helps achieve consistent results, you might still encounter small discrepancies. Cross-browser testing is always recommended to ensure your design looks consistent across different browsers, including Safari.
> For any specific issues you encounter in Safari, consider checking for known bugs or quirks that might affect pseudo-elements and their sizing. Online resources, developer forums, and documentation can provide valuable insights into Safari-specific behavior and workarounds.

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    Safari is even worse than chatGPT, but both don't comply with what I would regard as logical.
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    "ChatGPT is so much better than Google"

    You high or something, bro?
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    it's person-like, but as I like to remind people, it has no concept of memory, it's a word association cloud. it's numbers on lines between words with RNG attached so it doesn't spit out one word over and over. you can't rely on it at all, no matter how much they're trained.
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