I’m getting really tired of all these junior-turn-senior devs who can’t write simple code asking ChatGPT to solve everything for them.

I’m having to untangle everything from bizarre organization/flow to obvious gotchas / missed edge cases to ridiculously long math chains (that could be 1/10th the length), or — and I feel so dirty for this — resorting to asking ChatGPT wtf it was thinking when it obviously wrote some of these monstrosities. Which it gets wrong much of the time.


Jesus fucking christ.

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    I knew you were in a shithole, but damn...

    When this all collapses I hope people realize the skills of devs who don't do that shit.
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    I’ll still use it to write basic boring things that I don’t want to type. The difference between someone who sucks using it and someone who’s good is catching the mistakes and patching them up. Which may or may not be more work depending on how good it is at what you want it to do, it’s a coin toss. But yeah having it write large complex chunks for code is suicidal. And I bet that’s what these jr’s who kissed their way to sr are doing
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    AI has further lowered the barrier to writing horrible code. This just means the average skill and the average code quality will continue decrease.
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    My favourite...

    ChatGPT is cool, it made a Python script that can login to my bank account for me, but how do I run it?
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    It’s just another tool that can save you time, nothing wrong with that.
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    Next person I hear saying "leveraging AI" will be the reason for my life in prison sentence.
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    @helloworld I agree. The other day, certbot wasn't renewing certificates. I knew I wrote something that will check if a cert is about to expire but was too lazy to find it. So I asked ChatGPT to write the script for me. The end result was pretty much the same one what I've written years ago and with comments which I didn't bother to write in my version.
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    @helloworld of course. But the best tools in unskilled hands still produce crap.
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    Is it weird that I’ve never had a case where I would need to ask ChatGPT anything for my job?
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    Yeah, I've read a recent study that since chatGPT the overall amount of code in codebases increased and the overall quality decreased. No idea how they measured it, didn't bother going that far, but I believe it.

    So far almost everytime I tried using chatGPT for something remotely more complex it just generated bunch of mistakes. No matter how specifically crafted the prompt, eventually it will just get lost
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    @Root That is the same for absolutely everything though isn’t it?
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    @helloworld Yep. But AI tools allow those green hands to make mistakes faster, and worse: the tools explain that everything is okay.
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    @Root ahh, like shitty parents.
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    Man the amount of devs that believe chatgpt can do their job better is stupid high. If you believe you need to double check every single change or let chatgpt wright your code that means you are in the wrong business
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    I tried it because I was curious how good it is and it is utter piece of shit.
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    I'm going to hand out to people on my business card each time they mention ChatGPT.
    And it's always the ones the least productive in the first place.
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    That’s how we roll, write AI to produce shitty code to hire more developers to fix it.

    Look how many jobs and professions cloud created. Most of the stuff companies have on cloud can run on single server with backup for pennies. Now we have k8, orchestration, devops teams, red green deployment, iac and more shit like this just to login and fill some shitty form that at the end will be imported to excel as csv.

    AI will create twice as much useless jobs that would boost economy. People will feel important and that’s more useful for the politicians than some nice 10 lines python script that replaces entire company department.

    We need more useless code to boost GDP.
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    Is there anything more contemporary?
    This, @Root, I am going to frame.
    Art at its finest.
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    What's worse is when your colleague that knows little about programming uses Chat GPT to create them some code, but doesn't fully understand it or it doesn't completely work and they keep pestering you about how to fix it.
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    @devJs that is an understatement, that shit is so wasteful and slow nowadays(3.5 version at least).

    And if you read my recent posts, just a bunch of unoptimised matrix multiplications chained together.

    If i want a true language Model i use Markow chain based on lingistic rules and sources from online Text, with a keyword based path search to said markow chain. Way less resource usage.
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    @vane really good points.

    10 lines of python for a whole Departments work. So the Departement is useless already.
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    @max19931 life is wastefull
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    @williams121 Getting really tired of this bot spam, too.

    Fuck off, spambot.
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    @max19931 No. it was a crypto scam/spam ad.

    Look at the profile and comments of who I tagged.
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