Why am I so stupid? I still don't understand programming after three years of studying on my own. I even went to a programming boot camp and got a c.s Degree. Just tell me that I'm not a fit for programming so I can quit. It seems to me like I don't know anything, I feel like I can't learn for shit. What am I missing, why can't I write code on my own? Why do I always need people held my hand? Why I don't understand anything?

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    Take a problem and break it down into smaller steps... i know u would have heard This advice before but that's the only way to get started.

    Start with a mini project break it down into smaller steps then build those steps without copy pasteing the code from other sites

    failures are your best teachers
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    Honestly, I thought I was the only one. In high school I took time to try and learn programming in all manner of ways (classes, books, online tutorials, video lessons, just plain opening an IDE, etc). Couldn't make heads or tails of anything.

    I went to college with intentions of learning programming and creating video games. Everyone seemed to get it - I didn't. This continued for years. I left the school and started over in Information Systems because it was like "CS but easy" to me.

    Then there were some programming classes. Again, it kicked my ass. At this point it had already been years.

    I kept trying - taking an IS internship requiring programming. Somehow, it finally clicked. I still needed to Google things, but the "logic" itself started to make sense. Not everyone learns quickly. For some of us, it can take a long time to finally wrap our minds around how to program.

    I wish you so much luck! You are not alone!
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    @freeme did you try going into programming classes? Actually sitting in a classroom with a teacher, and not online?
    Maybe that'll help...
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    What @mxcmxc said. I understood the concepts but couldn't execute until I did my internship in January. Progress after that is almost exponential. Since that internship I've worked on projects in PHP, Java, Perl, C# and now Python even.
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    Belief that intelligence is not a fixed entitiy, and can be boosted by hard work in the process of learning and practice. Keep it up dude!
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    @bembengcs I feel like I'm unconscious incompetent when comes to learning
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    @MaxS Yea I did
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    @freeme do you love what you do?
    Are you programming with passion?
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    @MaxS I don't know what I love to do. The reason I pick programming because it's cool and You can show people what you have built and it's useful for people to use at the same time. I don't feel passionate in programming, but the excitement of showing the end product. I guess I'm lazy?
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    @mxcmxc I feel like my brain has been block by something and it doesn't want me to learn anything. It feels like I can't put stuffs into my brain.
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    @freeme I hope that with time you'll get passionate about coding... Then it'll be much easier...
    And have a ++ to get the avatar :)
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    I understand you dude
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