Don’t be cynical and prideful. Respect people older than you in the profession, even if in your judgment they are “dinosaurs”. Even if they’re not as well-versed in what you consider “The New Shiny Thing”, they’ve seen some shit and can teach you a thing or two.

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    Cynism is a life saver in the bullshit-ladden web industry though. You can't just join marketing and snort their stuff to make it all bearable as you still actually need a brain to understand and write code.

    Also: Resistance is futile anyways. You will become a cynic sooner or later. It's unavoidable.
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    @Oktokolo Agreed. But it is unbecoming and rather vulgar to be cynical as a first-year coder. Unless you can prove that you’ve somehow already “been there, done that”.
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    Respect the people younger, too. Everyone has got something new to teach us
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    Not only that they survived the shit to tell the tale
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    @asgs I have no problem with that in the context of respect being a two-way street.
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    @stackodev Some bullshit should be obvious even to noobs - and most should be obvious to non-coders too. Most bullshit isn't even related to coding - you see it in any industry. And if the noob has made it through any formal education i would question their intellectual ableness if they didn't become at least somewhat cynic on the way...
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