MySQL has the absolute worst error messages.

"You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds blah blah near '(some random code line)'".

How vague can you be? It doesn't help that I always find the error in a completely different place to where the message says it is.

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    Oh yeah, MySQL and Its vagueness, feels like unless you do alot of googling, Oracle does it to push their approved people to fix stuff for you... and charge you. It reminds me something I deal with not so long ago in another place that feel like me shouting to the void ... and a few days later I found this site 👍
    Oh yeah also, welcome to devRant @Fenix-Prime
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    @legionfrontier I feel like the guy in that image all too often.
    And thanks 😎
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    Assembly's "segmentation error" is nicely vague too. No line number nothing. Not even when you miss a semicolon.
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    Can't agree more on this. Try creating dynamic sql queries. It's a nightmare.
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    SQL Is simple enough to find the mistake and make the statement run.

    But complex enough to make you think you got the right data when you did not.

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