My home feels like $work owns a corner of it, and I can’t walk near there without feeling this this intense psychological dread.

Lack of time boundaries is pretty awful, too.

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    welcome to the 21st century, where we're all ALWAYS online, isn't it great? :)

    yep, definetly don't miss those 9PM to midnight whatsapp messages from the old 🤡🤡s
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    Sounds like your job would be abusive in office too
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    I can relate, although tbh I kind of enjoy my "workspace" at home more and more.
    Starting to hate middle management popping in un announced every f***ing hour, the trash coffee and office politics mixed with gossip and thrash talking.
    My space at home is at least quiet with good coffee.
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    Just walk away. Like Bill Burr from religion……

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    Can't help for the time boundaries but for the other why don't you just use a laptop and put it away once you finished?
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    Maybe it’s time to return to the office for awhile. Just so you can re-establish boundaries.
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    @Grumpycat you mistake him. bill burr didn't walk away from religion. He changed religions. He went from his childhood faith, to drugs.

    I bet hes even seen the machine elves.

    That reference only works with a certain crowd. Fuck.
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