I just had a new employee, barely out of school, question whether or not we are ready to start a big refactor of an aging legacy system. She knows nothing about the system we are about to attack, barely has 12 months experience as a developer and knows nothing about the past 6 years of countless meetings, discussions and experience leading to the decision to refactor. Still, she's not "convinced" we are ready to get started.

Gen Z - they sure are something different. God damn it, I know it sounds old but where's the fucking humbleness? Spoilt little shits, the world is fucked.

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    The ones I work with aren't shits. They are respectful and ask questions. I actually have to tell them it is okay to tell me I am doing something wrong. This is a core values issue is my guess.
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    Yes, I encourage questioning regardless of experience (see a previous rant about a cockhead that used his 20+ years as reasoning for why he should be listened to).

    The issue with this one is how and when she questions something, and the way she reacted to being told the reasons why. Don't sound like a spoilt little shit that doesn't get her way.

    Communication is about a lot more than the words you use.
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    @devdiddydog I agree, better they ask or question a little to much than to little.

    But if they fail to acknowledge a good answer then it becomes a problem.
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    There's also the valid point of: are you refactoring safely?

    And are you really refactoring into a better, tested, design or just moving code without improving its coverage?
    IMO: without adding coverage, the tech debt is still there it's just easier to extend now

    Maybe they're doubting the team's skills in doing this safely and "properly"?

    (I don't have context so can't provide further devil advocating)
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    Tell her you are not ready to refactor either. Please help us get ready to refactor. Watch the wheels grind to a halt.
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    You got someone good

    Myself fresh of out School, working a VERY big COBOL/Java projects :

    "Let's refactor eberything in C# and use SQL instead of COBOL files!"
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    In my time I was like give me something ehatever it is, but honestly they are getting dumber, following the hype, everything that makes noise.
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