The most important skill you can have is doing things without shame.

Shamelessly stay in your bed all weekends watching PewDiePie, never brushing your teeth, eating Doritos from under your pillow and peeing into empty Mountain Dew bottle if you feel like doing it.

Shamelessly spend your vacation sitting in the toilet with a laptop browsing reddit.

Shamelessly cut your product in half and ship it if you don't feel like perfecting it.

Shamelessly admit that you don't know something when you messed something up at work.

If you are a millennial like me, chances are your gen x parents told you that you have to be perfect / really good to succeed and to be worthy.

You know what? Fuck your parents then. Fuck my parents as well. Admitting this behavior wrong and actually giving up on living like something is always watching is the best thing you can do to your mental health.

I'm lazy. I write "any" here and there when they force me to do typescript at work. When I need a sidebar, I go and copy-paste that jquery snippet. I write like one article a month at best and I really want to say "fuck it" if I just don't feel like it.

You can always give up on everything and it's perfectly fine. This doesn't make you any kind of looser or something. You're perfectly fine.

Too bad I'm only beginning to master that.

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    Also, shame can lead to criminal behavior. Shame is fucked up.
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    Shame can be a motivator. But id be ashamed eating doritos from under my pillow. Today. 13 years ago that wouls have been quite normal ;)
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    “I hate my parents; therefore, I will punish myself.”
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    @BrainDrain why don't you post something intimate and irrational about yourself so we can ironically reduce it to two sentences?
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    @Demolishun that psychologytoday post is an essay, so it can't be taken as proof.

    Of course, if you ashame a child all through his childhood, you'l probably mess him up.

    but I would also imagine that if shame totally stopped existing, crime would skyrocket.

    isn't shame to some level necessary for a sane human?

    but I won't make any further comments because I don't have any experience in such field. And I would assume neither do you.
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    @BrainDrain oh yes, gaslighting is always welcome :3
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    @uyouthe regarding your stigma of staying indoors too much, i think it's kind of ok to remove the stigma.

    but i also think that if it has stigma then there might be a reason for it: staying in doors too much is bad for mental health.

    regarding releasing bad code, i don't think i agree, in fact i consider it irresponsible because writing bad code can result in users getting hacked.

    i can understand the reasons for writing bad code, like growing disenchanted with a company.

    but in that case it's partially their fault because they direct the products i code.

    and even then i had some involvement. but that's quite different than saying "fuck code yolo, i don't need to feel embarassed'.

    regarding you admitting that you don't know something, yes, that is great!

    regarding giving up on everything, NO, but giving up on SOME things? definitely yes!
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    @jesustricks never said that. Writing “any” and using jquery is not bad, it’s just not that effort that those million dollar guys brag about in their articles that’s all
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    @jesustricks giving up on everything seems fine to me
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