give up on working hard

doesn't mean shit in the long run

it only matters who you can bullshit and how much money they have

*really* i mean this

at this point i've seen it so many times, and i thought the world couldn't be this dumb... but somehow that's really how it all works, there's really no secret

much better to just have had internship at some silicon valley company - their for loops, functional code, and abstracted classes are far better than the ones anywhere else, don't you know?

just wish the world would grow the fuck up, but alas, they have to remain wimpy kiddy caveman mentality style

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    Understandable. Have a nice day.
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    At a certain point you will realize that what is ultimately important is your satisfaction with YOUR work. Work on impressing yourself and while it may go unrecognized, at the end of the day it is you that matters to you.

    I've been writing software for a very long time. I love looking back at my code and going "holy crap, I did that?!"

    Imagine how the dudes who wrote the firmware for the patriot missile feel when they see their code working flawlessly to protect Ukrainian families. There is nothing better than knowing you did something great for someone else even if they never know who you are.
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    "There is nothing better than knowing you did something great for someone else even if they never know who you are."

    @xcodesucks yeah there is, a huge stack of $$$

    in all seriousness, i totally get what you are saying, its just insanely mind bendingly painful to me to consider how much time is ultimately lost and just absolutely idiotic levels of inefficiency occur because dumbass projects, startups, and companies are funded and followed just because the founders are good at public speaking or some shit (using 'public speaking' as a scapegoat, one example of millions of reasons why this IQ depleting stuff happens)

    i really wonder what the world would look like if competence, skills, and work ethic truly ruled the world instead of clout / nepotism / i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy...
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    @fullstackcircus that is sadly how it works. You gotta roll with it. The people doing the talking are rarely the ones doing the real work. They’re just good at talking and people will have an easier time trusting someone that can communicate than a sweaty nerd doing coffee - code alchemy.

    You work with what you have.
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    @ostream I like the response, not because I agree with the content but rather because it made me think.

    When you work a muscle hard, it responds with getting stronger and more reliable.

    When you work your brain harder, it responds with getting smarter and faster.

    Both physical and mental hard work has the direct effect of building character.

    Isn’t it more of a disease to be self indulgent, self centered, and hedonistic?

    I’m guessing your parents worked hard so you could essentially stand on their shoulders to get ahead. Maybe they didn’t get to college but they managed to send you? If you don’t work hard get farther ahead and perhaps pave the way for your kids some day, aren’t you disrespecting your parents’ sacrifice for you?
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