Friend: I don’t need git. Git is for people like you who cant do good backup of their code
Me: Yeah, yeah, go do whatever you like...

2h later comes to me:

Friend: Can you make me repo and show how to use it...?
Me: What..? You drunk?
Friend: Naaah, no... My disk broke while ago...

Karma is a bitch :D

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    Deserved it... Had it coming
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    @StefanGliga Or! He was not following full backup procedure and did not have rolling disks!
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    @Gabrielius If OP is quoting verbatim than that means that this friend implied he had good backups.
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    So you're telling me your buddy's HDD died out *2 hours after* talking to you? That's not karma, pretty sure you're a witch haha
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    @nikoto A fresh user?
    Here,have some ++s.
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    @StefanGliga Lurked for a few months and finally decided to become active. Thankyou!!! :)
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