When I was a kid, my dad was always busy. He is an orphan with next to inheritance and had to work really hard to send me to school. I don’t remember playing with him ever.

He is about to retire in a few years, so he gets some free time now, but now, I’m struggling too hard and don’t have time for anything random at all. The generation gap makes it impossible to share anything at all.

We don’t have any common interests, and don’t get to do stuff together.

Today, we built a mechanical keyboard together. 1 hour. I absolutely loved it.

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    I love this.

    I do not have a good relationship with my dad, so I like hearing about other people being able to somehow communicate with their fathers and have a proper relationship.

    Keep enjoying time with your old man
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    We need more stories like this. Brought a tear to my eye
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    That's great to hear! I have total opposite interests than my father, we rarely talk about anything interesting. He mostly complains about politics and how it was better back then. He's into sports and TV, I don't watch TV and not into watching sports at all!

    We also never did anything together really through my whole time living with the parents. I wanted to help him with the work around the house, but he just rejected my offer to help every single time or told me not to do it if I tried to help anyway.

    I have to give him credit for raising me and my sister and playing with us until we were about 6 yo. He also helped me to learn how to learn when I was 1st grade in elementary school and that was it.

    Mom was always working and I have even less in common with her than with my dad.

    I am happy to see that there are folks who are spending quality time together with their parents!
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    My dad died in March this year.

    In 1999 he taught me how to write emails in outlook express. He composed a mail to my brother who was working in africa at the time. But instead of writing the email content in the big white box that said 'content', he preceeded to write the entire email in the little subject box. I was like dad, arent you supposed to write all of that in the big textbox that actually supports text formatting? He wouldnt hear it, haha.

    Loved my stubborn dad, so grateful I had im growing up.

    Today I work as a teacher in the public school system, after many years of writing software professionally. I tell this story all the time :)
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