The most pissed off I've been at work?

Client X came to us for a website.
We secretly outsourced the work.
Client X is coming for a visit in 10 mins...

MD to me: "I've told them your lead dev on this. They're not super-technical so if they ask you about the project just tell them it's going well."

Now I'm not a comfortable blagger, I don't have that kind of confidence, so to ask me to lie like this makes me feel really stressed and uncomfortable. Furthermore, I had literally no idea about any aspect of the work we were supposedly doing for this client. I can barely contain my panic but my colleagues help me piece together a basic understanding.

The MD returns: "They're here now. Can you quickly go and check that the toilets are clean."

WHAT THE FUCK!? The little prick. I'd knock him out if wasn't so meek and pathetic. I tell myself that I'm being helpful and nice but in truth I'm just his fucking doormat and he has zero respect for me.

I have no problem cleaning stuff (we all basically tidy up behind us) but this is something he could have done. Furthermore, who cares? None of us leave the loos with piss on the floor and shit smeared across the walls. They're never anything less than client-ready so to ask me to check means that he's already checked them himself and one of the loos is not quite shiny enough.

The reader may feel that this is no big deal (and in some ways you're right) but everything about this scenario was fucked up. The MD had embroiled the whole company in a lie and assumes we're all okay with that, then to add insult just nonchalantly orders me to clean the bogs. The cunt.

FWIW The client didn't ask to talk to me or use the toilet during their visit.

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    This is an enough reason for me to leave this place
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    @gitpush Yup. I feel quite ashamed that I haven't quit yet. I've been here so long that leaving now would feel like walking out on my family.
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    @DeadInside good point there but I wouldn't feel comfortable working for someone who likes to their client and wants everyone in this. Who knows what's he is hiding from you guys
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    I want to - - because of how bad you were treated... ++ just seems like too much of a like when I want to dislike this so hard.
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    it says nothing about lying or cleaning toilets on my contract or job description... so go fuck yourself, you fucking snakey wank bucket. or thoughts to that effect.
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    To me it is a big deal. I have been asked to lie to clients before and said no. To me my integrity is important. I was not fired over that. Personally I would treat the toilet thing as it'll it was a joke.
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    I'd have told the shitdick to check the toilets himself. But I'm a bitch.
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    @helloworld @spacem

    Well, I might be willing to clean the loo (My way, mind, with a hazmat suit and a pressure washer), but I won't fucking lie to a client!

    I'm a fucking professional, and this is my reputation, if you ask me to do anything to compromise either I'll tell you to go get fucked.
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