One time a company I worked for tried to fuck me over and not pay me the referral fee that was promised for referring an employee. They hired the person I referred for a position that was advertised as having a referral fee paid after 6 months.

After the 6 months were up, I went in to HR to ask when I could expect to see the money, and they said “oh, you’re not eligible to receive the referral bonus because we hired so and so as a contractor (full-time) instead of an actual full-time employee.” And I was like... fuck that shit, they never mentioned that to me and I didn’t burn a referral lead so they could hire the person as a contractor and avoid paying me the advertised fee. I was absolutely livid and couldn’t believe it after I had been expecting this money for 6 months.

I felt cheated and none of my colleagues at the company could believe they’d stoop so low to not pay a highly-valued employee an advertised referral bonus. I had lots of battles with management over it, and eventually ended up with a portion of the promised fee, but not the whole thing.

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    man, that sucks...
    was the referred co-worker @trogus? 😊
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    Fucking cocksuckers. Shit like this can make me so fucking angry!
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    @kb88 haha, no, but he did work there at the time :)
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    @linuxxx yeah it was pretty fucked up. The fact that it was 6 months in the making made it all the more shitty feeling.
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    "are you seriously going to act difficult like this for that referral fee?!"
    You: i could ask you the fucking same!?
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    Well they can stop advertising referes if they don't pay the first... No one will trust them to be consistent with anything...
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    Wow! If I were you I'd resign and find another place to work at
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    @gitpush "one time **at a company I worked for**"

    Seems like he did?
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    @billgates this feels awakward 😅
    In my defense I was drinking my morning coffee 😁
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    How much was the referral fee?

    My company gives $2500 which kinda feels like chump change... And I'd never bother unless someone asks me for a job...
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    @gitpush and already slacking off on the job? It's only Monday? 😂
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    @billgates Monday's can be funny sometime 😂
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    @gitpush my Mondays are Blow Up days... Fixing things other people's shitty coding have caused to blow up in Prod....

    O wait... That's every day...
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    @billgates damn this is bad :/
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    @billgates $2500??? You'd be lucky enough to get a shopping voucher at my previous workplaces
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    @DucksCanCode hence why you quit too? I guess this stuff says something about the company.

    To me, $2500 says "we value your referrals less than recruiters we hire that get like $10k? a year for the first N years for anyone that the help hire"
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    I feel for you man, this is one of the most annoying things that can happen in the workspace.
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    Chump change..? My monthly income is $11 from Patreon x.x
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    @Cyanite ouch but you're still in college? No job yet?

    At least you have income from doing what you'd do anyway? And know people like your stuff?
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    @Cyanite https://quora.com/How-do-recruiters...

    Case in point... If i refer a friend I get 2.5k... If a recruiter refers a candidate that gets hired they get 20-30% of base which comes out to usually at least 20k....
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    @billgates that’s a good question. I actually don’t remember the exact amount. It was the $3,000-$5,000 rant though and I probably ended up with $1,500 or so.

    And yeah, I agree with you on referral fees in general. At my current company the bonus is even less than the old one I’m ranting about here.

    Actually, at the company I’m talking about here, at one point there was a $10,000 referral fee which was really good. I’m almost glad that was gone by the time this happened, otherwise it would have made it even worse.
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    @dfox btw just notice you have a ++, so is that a db hack or you actually pay 30 cents? a month to Apple/Google for the subscription?
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    @billgates it’s a hack
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    dfox doesn't need to hack on his own castle...
    Unless there are dragons and dead coming... Then hack and slash the hell out
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    My current company does not pay for referrals and I wouldn't want to be referred by someone who has financial benefit to lie to me just to get me to work for his employer.
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    HR is pissed off because her/his candidate did not qualify and so she devised this shitty scheme of crappy rules and went to management. That’s the deal. HR is screwed up.
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    Well, your rant made me get pissed off. Good job! 😊
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