Backstory: A few months ago, I wrote an inventory management web app for internal use by the sales team, logistics, and whoever else might need to use it.

Earlier this week: A few minutes before I usually leave, my phone rings. It's some dude I've never heard of. No idea what his function at the company is, still don't, probably never will, don't care. He's never used the app before, and says he's having problems. His cube's on my way out, so I swing by.

I'm not making this next part up. This dude is probably 60 years old, and he's using a very old looking gateway desktop (with the cow print logo thing on the chassis), running Windows XP (not a typo), using IE7.

I don't know what to say, so I just stare at the desktop, look at dude, laugh, and eventually explain that he's never going to be able to use the system via the web app until his rig is replaced.

What the fucking fuck is this. How could this have happened. How do our it people still fucking have jobs. Better question, how did this thing survive the y2k bug?

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    He's your Milton. He probably got fired years ago, but no one told him and by accident he wasn't taken from the payment list.
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    Here, have my upvote, i burst out laughing reading your tags.
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    We have a guy in our office who is so determined to be Mr "green", Mr "I cost the company very little" and Mr "I don't like change" that every year he refuses a laptop upgrade.

    His laptop is falling apart, code takes weeks to compile and often crashes for no reason. But hey, the lack of productivity is saving the company money right?
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    Id have said i can fix that just have it load firefox
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    @skprog that reminds me of an old dev buddy who would detect if the browser was IE and redirect to the Chrome download page if needed be. Always admired him for it
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    I believe that chrome doesn't install on xp anymore...
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    @Jonnyforgotten take him out and shoot him
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    Could be a guy who brought the firm up back in the day, but lost his way due to deteoriating health, most probably due to sheer bad luck.
    So the upper guys r keeping him on the boat, because he has earned it/ is owed.

    Or he's your Milton - you never know.
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    @UncleBenis I guess anything is possible
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