Did anyone feel like IT is the thing in college not a lot of people really cared about?

Friend 1: "im going for chem engineering"

Everyone: *applaudes*

Friend 2: "im going for medicine"

Everyone: *applaudes*

Me: "im going for IT!"

Everyone: "uh, what about you Friend 4? What did you take?"


And i dont just mean it socially, the university doesnt pay much attention to us until they need something fixed or needs us to make something more convinient for them.

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    Pretty much, I joined Uni as a Mechanical Engineer because where I'm from, IT is something you get into only if you do bad in High School. I once actually took a programing language I switched the right next semester and here I am.
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    Odd, same here. From where im from, IT is where you go if you did poorly in highschool too. @sendhalp
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    15 years?! That's a tad bit too much dont you think? @Hikky
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    The University here for care a lot about IT, it's the post they're known for.
    In the new auditorium building every access point is connected via fibre and so on... I can't complain about my future if (there is another one here I don't know much about) I go to this University :)
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    Cable internet.
    That's our university.@cvonderstein
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    Was on a dating site once. Got asked what I do / study, said programming and their response was "Oh, like every other guy on the internet. "
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    Hehe, I'm a chem eng and a good 70% of my job is developing

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    Yup, get used to it. All the work, no glory.
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    From where I am whether you do good or bad you mostly end up in IT.
    The difference being, those who score good go to a good college/university.
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    Well, no social mentality stopping me anymore.. kinda. I study out of my country.
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    At least in the U.S if you go into comp sci you are considered a dark wizards
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    I think only 2 out of 8 it teachers stayed in the 3 years I was at college. 1 of them has just been given a full contract (he's been on a 0 hours one for the last 10 years)

    Fuck knows how our class passed our lessons, we had a teacher less than 1/3 of the time so spent most of the lessons at the pub.
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