I graduated from my High School last Spring, and since then as a part of a huge overhaul of the education systems, they decided to put the school into the 21st century. The problem? They're doing it all wrong. Every school in the district is acting on its own, making transitions from one grade to another painful. The middle school purchased a cart of iPads despite the fact that Elementary schools use Surface, and the High School uses 2-in-1s. But what makes it worse is the services. The High School used Office365 and OneNote, while the Middle School uses Google Classroom and cloud storage. If the school board wants to make education simpler, modern life, and efficient, the least you could do is have everyone on the same page. Right now, costs are higher, grades are confusing, and efficiency is lower. Each teacher pretty much fends for themselves. I volunteered to help them sort this out by being on the educational committee in charge of the decisions, but I graduated and they felt like they were doing fine. Seriously?

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    What about privacy issues with all of those services. On the another note why do they spend money on that if it is not priority. Education is not any better with those stuff and it also doesn't help kids to not be addicted to those stuff.
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