Holy crap, just consulted with a company who wanted to fire the entire 6 person backend team because:

"They don't produce any tangible work or add value to the company."

Initially I didn't catch on, went to chat with the devs and realised the dilemma. Took 3 hours of (almost heated) debate before the higher ups understood the the value and purpose of backend devs.

This is a kitchen appliance company who recently moved into IoT 🙃

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    @Letmecode Yup, that about sums it up.
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    @mpotratz I'm 85% sure they think it was part of the manufacturing process, like you could just add the internet and a screen and it would just work. It was hard not to laugh at most of what they said.
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    I can't see it so it doesn't matter.
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    Don't you mean a botnet company
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    An important lesson I learned long ago - never underestimate the ignorance or stupidity of non technical managers. Time and again I have told myself that someone that inept could never reach a senior management position. I was wrong every time.
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    Backend devs are the most important....
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    @DatNewDev no. Just.. no. Have you ever worked on a big project? If you have then you would know better.
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    So I just read this post to my wife and even she got it haha. She's not a dev, but I do rant to her a lot. So proud 😁
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    I think of it like a body, backend is the skeleton, front-end is the skin. Without the structure of the backend the front end wouldn't function, but without the front end, the backend could function but no one would want to look at it or use it.

    No one is MOST important, the system requires all the pieces to be useful.
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    @sylar182 now I imagine Linus forming bones and flesh out of nothing and telling it " Git, you are alive!" and the bloody mess starts wandering through the warehouse (hd) and sorting all the boxes and items there are.
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    Update: they fired 5 of the 6 devs yesterday 😔.. I can't name names but if your coffee pot knows TCP I'd watch out tomorrow.
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