Someone put my name on a mailing list for pornographic material to try to get me fired from my new job

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    Wow that's low, do you think it was, one of your new colleagues?
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    Doesn't look like a thing anyone should be fired for.
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    @iHateCamelCase if it's your personal email, who cares. But if it's your work email, many employers will freak out about it, big time. It might even get you fired
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    Yeah. "Someone"...
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    Revenge is a dish best served cold: hire the ugliest fat hooker to come to the office and start yelling at the reception, that the XY colleague doesn't pay for her services, so next time she'll bring Daddy... :)
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    It wasn't email. It was snail mail addressed to me at my new place of employment and not discreet. It also wasn't a coworker.
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