I was at a company for almost 5 years (my first job too). Got fired a few months ago by my mentor/the lead dev who was there for about 3 - 3 1/2 years of my time there. He left for better opportunities, he knew the company was pretty shitty to work for. He comes back (why???) and fires me about 1-2 months after his return.
Reason why, I'm unhealthy for the company and the company is unhealthy for me (not because I'm a bad dev, cool I guess). I don't disagree (a lot happened while he was gone, but he doesn't really know what happened) but this happens after I have a "discussion" with him about how I don't know how to prioritize my work anymore with new policies regarding billables and pms and management pushing me in multiple directions in regards to what I should be working on. (There's more to this but I'm trying to finish this rant eventually.)
I'm not surprised but I'm pissed at the company for never really improving and I'm pissed at him for drinking the kool-aid so to speak.
I want this company to fail. I'm surprised it hasn't. The place was a shit show when it came to the Dev department and my old mentors return didn't help much either.
I should get over it and move on but this place was like a toxic relationship I couldn't bring myself to leave (as much as I wanted to leave and knew I should). And there's so much to unpack with this place.
I'm hoping dev rant can be a good place to unpack the shit I dealt with there over the years so I don't burden my friends and family with my thoughts.
So yeah, hey ya'll and welcome to my rant(s).

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    soo, is he left again after that? I mean did he come back to 'rescue' you?
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    @We3D haha no, he came to rescue the lead dev (also one of his best friends I'm pretty sure) who had no leadership abilities what so ever
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    It sounds like management is a shitshow. I'm sorry you have to work like this :(
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    Leave a solid glassdoor review, Google review, and report their LinkedIn jobs
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    5 years down the drain
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    Sounds like he didn’t want to do his job as a lead. Didn’t want to help you prioritize and just wanted you to spend all your free time delivering for the company against impossible deadlines. I think the “how is this company still in business” question gets asked a lot by IT/Dev folks because we don’t realize that for every $1 wasted on stupidity, the company takes in $100 on some sort of deal/contract.
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