Big ++ from UK 🇬🇧 (not EU 🇪🇺 anymore though, sorry)! ☺

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    My guess is Brexit is not going to happen. Parliament has to decide on wether Brexit is in the best interests of its people. The referendum will get kicked in to the long grass. I'll put money on it.
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    @helloworld I feel if they don't pass it, the people who voted leave will get pissed. I think this whole thing was a fuck up. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
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    @SoldierPeetaM true but there's no one in government with the balls to see it through. No one is going to invoke article 50. I reckon there'll be a spring general election, and nothing will happen for ages.
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    @helloworld yea I think the leave side were hoping that Cameron would invoke it so they wouldn't have to and could come in and take control once invoked. Let's just wait and see, it's all we can really do.
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    Yeah, the leave campaign has a hot potato in their hands. If they invoke Article 50, they'll be responsible for years of pain until England is back on track and they'll lose Ireland and Scotland. If they don't invoke it, they'll be going against their whole campaign and called on their bullshit. Cameron gave them a really nice bag full of hot steaming shit in a bag as a parting gift.
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