I know you're not supposed to "spray and pray" when applying for jobs but I find it therapeutic to spam those apply buttons. Also job ads have become so long that I apply and only read them if I'm accepted for an interview.

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    Got an answer from one company that they rejected me because they're "looking for a long-term collaboration and they are worried about my tenure.". My good people it's not my fault I've been laid off twice in the past two years.
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    Thing with this is if you're mostly happy where you are and just casually taking a peek now and then, that's all good but when one is between work for whatever reason, you probably can't stuff around waiting two weeks to maybe hear back from someone
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    I got laid off just before the pandemic started, so obviously to even get an interview during all that was quite tough. Eventually I wrote a bot that went and applied for anything with the following keywords on the 4 biggest job sites. Made it configurable so I could add new skills


    Java Developer

    Junior Java Developer


    Junior C# Developer

    C# Developer


    .NET Developer

    Junior .NET Developer

    Junior Programmer


    Junior Software Developer

    Software Developer

    Junior Software Engineer

    Software Engineer



    Web dev

    Web Developer


    One place actually reached out to check if I knew what I was doing cause I'd applied to their job on multiple sites
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    Answer that company that your bot, that you've written in a few minutes, actually applied, not you =D
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    @scor legit thought of doing the same thing just because HR can suck a mile of dicks.
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