I just spent 3 HOURS(!!!) on coding a program that simply DRAWS A HILLS LANDSCAPE and this is what I got. 3h of wasted time.

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    How was that useless, I guess you learned something from it and will do better next time.
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    How does it work?
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    This looks hella dope
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    I used Python Turtle for it, because I have never experimented with this module. I wanted to make some graphics with random elements and so I came to this little "project"
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    I only see three more hours of experience, no waste here!
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    Sin() is your friend
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    At least you learned how to NOT do it :D
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    Drawing graphics typically isn't easy depending on how you did it! You did a great job!
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    Well. 3 hours isn't that bad for what you got: the outlines of some hills. They'd look pretty good when fully drawn.
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    Be positive, you gained 3 hours of experience!!! You rock!!! I said this to myself every Monday to do not jump to the river before the deadline... god help me
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    Every developer starts somewhere, make sure you have grown when you have started
    -- Developer Gods
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    If its an array of points then make sure the difference in x-coordinates is somewhat similar or does not go above some variable, so theres no chainsaw hills 😄 besides that you did a great first step in a new module, congrats!
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    Usually with waves, you should use sin or cos then add some randomness
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    For experimenting with graphics I recommend Processing if you're not looking for performance. It's really easy to use, yet it's fully capable to do advanced stuff
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    @lucaIO Perlin Noise. Research it if you haven't already.

    This guy does it in Processing: https://youtu.be/IKB1hWWedMk (but maybe you watched this one too) 😅
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    I think it looks pretty realistic 🤔
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    @catintroholic Thanks :)
    I thin its a bit angular but ok
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    When I was experimenting with turtle I made a 3d engine in it, overkill? Yes.
    Did Iearn much? Yes. So that time was not wasted.
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