So I dropped out from University after 5 years because I was fed up with it, took a look at the job market, found something interesting, applied for it and got it. Now I'm here on my first day, sitting on the toilet, scrolling through DevRant.

Life is good.

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    Good luck!
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    @CozyPlanes Thanks ;) It's going quite well so far. Zero progress but the people are really cool.
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    @Forside my parents and stuff want me to go to university but, I feel like there is very little value for me in doing so; especially considering the tuition. I'll probably drop out, too, haha
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    @hacker I was able to score with the experience I got from my side job at university. Would have landed nowhere without it because they all want experience or a good graduation.
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    @Forside that's my dilemma!
    Can't get real-world experience without a job. Can't get a job without university (mostly)...
    But I seriously don't want to waste 4+ years in university :/
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    @hacker Try to find a job at university. Usually there are a lot for developers. If you can code, it should be easy for you. Then don't study (or maybe a little, some courses are actually useful for a job later) but enjoy life. You probably don't need to work more than 10 hours per week, but you get paid enough to have a good student life. If you find a good job, you may aquire enough experience to get a real job later like I did ;)
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    @Forside got it. Thanks bro, I appreciate it!
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    This is what I did!
    (Though after 3 years)
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    @Ashkin Took me 3 years too :P (the job I mean)
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    @Forside three years to finally get fed up with pointless, expensive classes wasting my time.

    It took me about two months to find a job (mostly because I didn't want one right away... lol)
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    @Ashkin Well I only had five exams left, but they were shitty as hell and I just didn't have the endurance to get through them.

    Guess I had lots of luck, the people at my job are really kind and directly accepted me with all my flaws.
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    @Forside That's wonderful! ­čśŐ
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